Welcome to DermCare of Westchester by Marian Russo MD

What we do...........................

Skin Cancer screenings and treatment
• Advanced care for acute and chronic skin disorders
• Removal of benign skin growths
• Photodynamic therapy for active acne & skin cancers
BOTOX and Facial Filler injections - JUVÉDERM treats age-related loss of facial volume, while BOTOX treats lines and wrinkles that form due to repetitive muscle movement. BOTOX and JUVÉDERM can both be used to treat multiple areas of the face, but generally, BOTOX is for the forehead and eye area, while JUVÉDERM is for the cheek and lip area.
• Chemical Peels
• Laser scar reductions
• Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment, also known as a Photofacial treatment, is a handheld device designed to treat a variety of skin conditions quickly and effectively.

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DermCare of Westchester

The field of dermatology is divided into two branches – medical and cosmetic. Cosmetic dermatology caters to patients looking to maintain their youthful appearance by reversing the signs of aging or wanting to make aesthetic changes or improvements to their skin. Medical Dermatology focuses on addressing medical conditions affecting the health and appearance of skin in patients.

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